The WDR Mission

WDR specializes in providing custom conflict management strategies to promote positive labor-management relationships. WDR coaches negotiators and leaders on either “side” of the table to curb abrasive behaviors, avoid negative perceptions, and collaborate effectively for mutual benefit. Instead of collective bargaining, think collaborative bargaining.

WDR engages with the most innovative leaders, professionals, and negotiators in labor and management to customize solutions to the biggest struggles organizations face with workplace conflict.

WDR believes in a value first approach, and we apply the ten step conflict inventory (available for free here). True innovators use it, refine it, and share their results so that WDR can provide the strongest strategies to confront the biggest issues.

Workplace disputes devour time, money, and productivity. Contact us to see how our free conflict inventory or  a consultation can help you.

WDR is based in Southeast Michigan, but in order to accomplish the WDR Mission, we offer blended consulting options, which combine in-person and video conferences for your convenience.

Stop back in from time to time to view free content and to collaborate with us! Check out WDR’s infographic below for an interesting snapshot of workplace conflict.


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