What are those pain points?

Challenge: Can you be an innovative leader by having just one conversation with an employee this week to try and identify an internal pain point?

If you’re an innovative leader in your organization, are you gathering data from your employees?

The challenge of being an innovator is that you can’t see or hear about a pain point without wanting to do something about it.

Too often, organizations aren’t proactive in identifying their own internal pain points. WDR is currently conducting a survey to find out just what those pain points might be.

It’s too soon to tell, but so far, the data shows that leaders, managers, HR professionals, and others are reporting that workplace conflict tends to stem from the failure of communication- specifically, top-down communication about the goals and direction of the organization.
Call to action:

Will you acknowledge conflict in your organization? Will you identify it, and TAKE ACTION to do something about it?

Where to start? 

Can you just talk to one employee this week? Can you have just one candid conversation about the workplace to try and identify an internal pain point?

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