Brandon Grysko is WDR’s Principal Conflict Management Coach, Mediator, and Consultant. Brandon spent five years working in law enforcement where the highlight of his tenure was training and instructing police officers.

It comes as no surprise that Brandon ended up in the conflict management business, as his career was characterized by negotiating with difficult people, serving as a peacekeeper in civil matters, and coaching fellow officers.

Brandon was also involved with the local police association as a union representative and an Executive Board Member, including being on the negotiating team for collective bargaining agreements.

Brandon completed General Civil Mediator training through the Oakland Mediation Center in Oakland County, Michigan. In addition, Brandon is a lifetime member and graduate of Dr. Laura Crawshaw’s Boss Whispering Institute. Brandon’s personal mission is to promote workplace harmony and reduce the cost of conflict. This mission will provide risk management to the organization and peace and productivity to the hardworking people that make it up.

Contact WDR to develop an individualized conflict management strategy for your workplace. Be proactive with a consultation; don’t wait until litigation comes knocking.

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