Hello, and thank you for checking out the website. I’m Brandon Grysko, WDR’s Founder and Principal. If you want the highlights, here they are: I’m a law-school graduate an experienced labor representative, trained mediator, former law enforcement officer, and a graduate of the Boss Whispering Institute. You’ll never hear me claim to be a master; it’s far more productive to be a student. I’m a negotiation and conflict consultant, mediator, and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) professional.

Now for a little more detail:

I have a Juris Doctor degree from Western Michigan University Thomas M. Cooley Law School. Law school honed my written and spoken communication skills and provided me with the legal perspective I needed to be an effective consultant.

Before (and during) law school, I spent years working in a unionized environment where I was a union representative. I had the great honor of being elected to the Executive Board where I joined the negotiating team. As a team, we negotiated collective bargaining agreements, which were almost always multi-year, multi-issue contracts.

Because of my passion for conflict and problem solving, I took 40 hours of general civil mediator training through Oakland Mediation Center. Shortly thereafter, I realized there was often more to conflict than met the eye. Human beings are not rational decision makers, so it became necessary to explore these dynamics further. Thus, I joined The Boss Whispering Institute, a group of people dedicated to coaching abrasive workplace leaders. As a proud graduate and lifetime member of Dr. Crawshaw’s innovative program, I apply the method to build empathy into negotiations and mediations.

Finally, as a former law enforcement officer and trainer, I dealt with difficult people, deescalated volatile situations, kept the peace in civil disputes, communicated creatively with people from all manner of backgrounds, and trained and coached new officers.

My unique background affords me an equally unique perspective and disposition. Whether you’re looking for help or just want free perspective on your situation, give me a call. If nothing else, I guarantee it’ll be a great conversation.

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