Community Outreach

February 28, 2018

Brandon had a blast facilitating a leadership workshop at Henry Ford Community College. The students were incredibly insightful and engaging as we discussed problem solving and how to negotiate workplace conflict. Thanks to students and staff at Henry Ford College for participating!

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November 22, 2017


WDR Founder and Principal, Brandon Grysko was happy to speak about Negotiation and Problem Solving at Clarenceville High School to Ms. Bargerstock’s Business Management and Accounting classes.

After graduating from high school Brandon swore he’d never go back! But he found himself excited to present to a couple great groups of young adults. They were very intuitive and engaged in the discussion, which is saying something, especially the day before Thanksgiving! (Maybe the candy incentive had something to do with it…)

Special thanks to Clarenceville’s Ms. Bargerstock for setting aside the time for this important message!