WDR Strategies

The Breakdown

WDR is an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) company and doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits all approach. Instead, we use a principle-based approach to reach more people.

Negotiation, Mediation, Conflict Management, and Dispute Resolution all have something in common: a universal skill set that can be applied across a broad spectrum of work-related situations.


WDR uses a combination of lecture and scenario-based training to build real-world skills that your employees will actually use. WDR’s goal is to give your employees the tools they need to manage workplace conflict.


Difficult people, difficult conversations, and complicated issues dominate life. Whether your abrasive style might be negatively impacting others or whether you’re the target of someone else’s abrasive behavior, learn how to communicate effectively despite stressful interactions. Learn to solve problems creatively and manage high-stress conflict.


Mediators are impartial third parties that facilitate negotiation and creative problem solving among disputing parties.  Mediation can be used for labor or contract disputes, negotiations over employment contracts or collective bargaining agreements, during any level of the grievance process, or for any other conflict that parties agree to submit to mediation. A similar model is also used to facilitate teamwork, communication, and problem solving between or within work groups.


WDR coaches abrasive leaders and helps them to work through difficult situations so they can begin to reduce the negative perceptions surrounding their leadership style.

Who we do it for . . .

WDR’s focus is on labor-management, workplace, and business relationships. Thus, we work with both “sides” separately and together to redefine relationships. Think about it: instead of arguing how to divide the pie, let’s make it bigger so there’s more pie to go around.

How it works . . .

Feel free to get started by using any of the tips in our blog. Whether you do it all yourself, get stuck in the middle, or need help from the start, WDR is ready to support your team. Using negotiation, coaching, and mediation strategies, WDR customizes solutions to fit your organization.

Instead of looking at it as labor v. management, employer v. employee, plaintiff v. defendant, WDR takes a holistic approach to help the whole organization. WDR works with your leadership, negotiators, and representatives to build a collaborative mindset.

What if the other side won’t participate? Find out how to think about high-stress conflict management, difficult conversations, and dealing with abrasive adversaries.

When to call . . .

Is your workplace hostile with poor labor-management, workplace, or business relationships?

Are there people on your team who just can’t communicate effectively because they rub people the wrong way?

Do you have any members, managers, or employees whose attitudes or hostile comments keep getting themselves in trouble?

Are negotiations tense and abrasive?

Are labor and management constantly polarized, hunkered down in opposite positions?

Does it seem like you’re always dealing with grievances, formal complaints, arbitration, or litigation?

Is conflict in the workplace eating up morale, time, and productivity?

Do you want to

  • Manage risk?
  • Reduce cost?
  • Collaborate?

If you read this far, then you know what to do. Take action.